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Our Products - Machines

  • Twist type Inverter - Bin Charger, Pneumatic Reverser
  • Indoor Tank Water for apples (INOX)
  • Profit Table ( with plastic - aluminium roller options)
  • Wash Machine with brushes for the disinfection of fruits
  • Dryer Machine with a choice of hot and cold air
  • Waxing Machine
  • Drainage with hot and cold air selection
  • Electronic shorting  of 1-2-4-6-8 lines, with a capacity of 3-5 tons per hour and line, depending on the products
  • Rapid Packaging Units. Automatic or semi -Automatic Weighing Scales
  • Manual Classifiers for all capacities (and INOX)
  • Special Vegetable Processing Machines (INOX)
  • Installation of Plastic Cages (INOX)
  • Asparagus Processing line with Electronic Sorter
  • Onion - Potato Processing line
  • Watermelon Processing line
  • Grape Processing line (of all types), with Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Cherry Processing line with Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Machinery Packaging Machines (Net - Sticks)
  • Electronic Weighing - Counting Machines
  • Flow packs
  • Automatic and Robotic Machines

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